Set in the commercial district of Tianjin, China, the Sartoria Zimma bespoke facility is a 2,000m2 complex that houses over 200 specialised machines and 70 plus passionate and veteran sartorial artisans. Our master pattern maker and production manager have worked alongside each other for over 25 years and their synergy resonates throughout the whole facility.

No shortcuts have been taken in any facet of the factory. We have purposely built a premium bespoke facility selecting only premium trimmings and accessories from Japan, Germany and Italy. We truly believe, that to make exceptional garments each part of the process must match the other  without exception.

Each order has an individual pattern drawn up and our pattern makers take the information supplied via our exclusively built Bespoke Management System (BMS™). After patterns are drafted, we meticulously chalk and cut the cloth on a bench, all by hand.

The facility is broken up into machine and hand-crafted departments, allowing our partners the selection of either machine, half hand or full hand construction of their orders. Once a garment is made it goes through Quality Control, pressing and packing ready to be shipped straight to your door.