Our Process

Before we have fun, you’ll need to make an appointment. After arriving at our showroom, you will either have a consultation or continue with a fitting. Depending on what craftsmanship you require, the delivery times will vary. As soon as a garment arrives we will notify you to arrange a time for the final fitting.

Garment Care

Generally, you should be leaving your garment to hang for a good a week. The finer and more delicate the fibre, the longer you should allow it to breath and rest. Wool has brilliant qualities and is resilient to the daily beating, naturally bouncing back once rested. You should only luxury/premium dry-clean your suit if it’s stained or has developed an odour, otherwise you can simply have it pressed. The more you wear a suit without leaving it to rest, the greater the chance of burning the face fibres, causing a shining effect.

Once you’ve done this you should walk your suit to the closest garbage bin and call us immediately for an emergency fitting.


We will adjust all bespoke garments at the trial fitting if needed. You may want to bring in your personal (not ZIMMA TAILORS) wardrobe to have adjusted, we will be glad to assist with this too.

What is the different craftsmanship ZIMMA TAILORS offer?

All garments are made from a bespoke pattern, designed and drawn just for your body and all its curves and nuances. We then hand cut all patterns on a bench, ready for construction. All our suits and jackets are made with a full floating horse hair canvas. Machine made garments are completely made by machine and half handmade garments start in the machine production line and then finished by hand, this includes button holes, lapel hole, sleeve lining, armholes, adjusters and most importantly the shoulder. Full handmade is our finest work taking approximately 60-70 hours of hand workmanship, which includes the canvas, pad work, lapel roll, milanese laper hole, waistband, pick stitch, all button holes, shoulders, melton - everything.

What is the difference between how ZIMMA TAILORS makes their canvas and other tailoring businesses?

A typical full canvas will consist of layers made up from horse hair/cotton, horse tail/cotton and cotton wadding/padding. Depending on the cloth and use of the garment, a master pattern maker will decide on what the types of canvas materials will be used and how it will be layered. There is almost and infinite amount of methods that can be used and a huge variety of weights and constructions to select from. The experience of a master pattern maker will decide the difference between a generic construction and bespoke. We simply don’t have a standard canvas that is used for all our jacket/suits, this is the difference.

What is the difference between a full floating canvas and a half canvas?

All our garments are made with a full floating canvas, meaning all our RTW and Bespoke garments are made with a full piece sewn and stacked with the discretion of our pattern makers. They will decide how the canvas piece will be formed and layered depending on the cloth and purpose of garment.

A half canvas garment will have the chest piece panel fused with glue, this will be the main structure. The half piece of canvas will be sewn in behind the fusing. The fusing with wear and wash will lose its adhesiveness and eventually bubble. Bin time!

What cloth do you carry?

We carry an extensive range of fine milled cloth mainly from Italy, England, Scotland and Ireland. Our Mills change every so often, but you will see cloth from Cerruti, Loro Piana, Vitale Barbaris Canonico, Caccioppoli, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Scabal, Hudderfield, Reda, Fintes Drago and the likes.

Where are ZIMMA TAILORS bespoke garments made?

All garments are made in our Sartoria Zimma facility. It’s based in Tianjin, China and was built in the start of 2017. We also make for other tailors, clothiers and department stores globally.

What makes ZIMMA TAILORS unique compared to other garments?

As we are bespoke tailors, patterns are completely made for the customers body with fastidious attention to posture, slope, balance, stance and shoulder drop. This attention to details allows for an accurate pattern/fit. We are well known for our exceptional fit, expedited delivery and hand craftsmanship details.


Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Voucher must be presented with identification when wishing to redeem. Vouchers are non-refundable or transferable.

Returns & Refunds

ZIMMA TAILORS is dedicated to deliver a true bespoke customer experience.  As garments are made for each client’s body, returns are not accepted. If a garment does not meet our stringent quality and fit protocol, or we have made an error in the order, we will happily expedite and remake the garment. All refunds are at the discretion of ZIMMA TAILORS management.