Our Story

ZIMMA TAILORS is the culmination of Roger Shamoun’s enduring passion for handcraft and artistic expression. A passion turned business, ZIMMA TAILORS launched its first retail store in 2011 located at Sydney’s renowned Ivy precinct. Affording the discerning gentlemen of Sydney with a sartorial experience akin to Europe’s leading heritage bespoke tailors, while adding his own modern spin.

Since experiencing handcrafted bespoke-making in his latter teens, Roger has been submerged in the world of sartorial craftsmanship. His 20’s yielded a skill set developed by trial and error, learning the intricacies of suit making he acquired a sense of the good, the bad and the unwearable. Since inception, ZIMMA TAILORS has garnered a loyal clientele and strong international following on account of Roger’s fastidious approach to artisanal integrity. Focused on sartorial disciplines, he has not compromised across the entirety of the offerings. This practice took his ability from novice to self-taught cognoscente. With a client base ranging from high school teens inspired by Instagram’s infamous, to the distinguished business suit wearing veteran, whose personal image reflects more than just his aesthetic. Not to forget the groom to be, who’s tuxedo will be made by a bespoke tailor – No questions asked.

In 2017 the industrialist was born, Roger Shamoun embarked on a dream that has taken him on a journey since his adolescence. Following his passion of manufacturing, Roger built a commercial version of what was made in the 22m2 workshop in his Sydney store. Introducing Sartoria Zimma, a state of the art 2,000mbench cut bespoke facility with a team of 70 plus highly skilled artisans who have spent the greater part of their lives training in the art of tailoring. The vertical integration of the maker/seller business model has allowed ZIMMA TAILORS to absolutely control all aspects of the bespoke process; design detail, pattern making, cutting, construction, craftsmanship, quality control and delivery.

Sartoria Zimma not only makes for ZIMMA TAILORS, but also white labels for retail brands, tailors, fitters and department stores globally. Delivering the same ideology that Roger built for ZIMMA TAILORS, now lends its bespoke program to businesses all over the world.