Machine Made

The machine-made service is a brilliant entry point into the world of ZIMMA TAILORS bespoke. It allows for a comprehensive tutorial of how your body’s subtle variations dictate a pattern’s development. Whether it be for a tuxedo, double-breasted jacket or a casual suit, the pattern is firstly drawn specific for your body, noting posture, stance and balance.

It’s also is a great option for the work wardrobe, curating an entire season’s collection with an affordable price tag.

Delivery time is swift, allowing approximately 4 weeks for delivery. Suits start at $1,350 and shirts $250 (prices ex. GST)

Half Hand Made

Our most popular service by far, the half handmade bespoke option is the closest thing to the traditional full handmade offering. Finished by hand, all the details of the handmade bespoke aesthetics are shown off here. With the same pattern making as the full handmade offering, a half handmade suit is cut straight of the bench, with all your bodily distinctions and unique posturing marked when drafting your bespoke pattern.

Still constructed with a full piece of horsehair canvas, we use technical German machines designed to copy the crafty handwork of a veteran artesian. All button holes are finished by hand, including the lapel hole, armhole, sleeves hem, shoulder, sleeve liner, vents, collar and the finer hidden details.

Allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery for the half hand experience. Suits start at $1,800 and shirts $340 (prices ex. GST)

Full Hand Made

Crafted entirely by hand, this service is the absolute pinnacle of the ZIMMA TAILORS experience – completely cut from the bench free of any machine assistance. A draft of your individual pattern is made allowing all your bodily nuances and postures to be incorporated. The drawn pattern is the flat lay of your body with all the allowances and considerations ready to be chalked onto cloth.

Once the cloth is cut, the pattern is sewn together using frangible cotton, this process is called basting. Only used by traditional bespoke tailors, the purpose allows for the first fit to become an unscathed test fitting. After the baste fit is confirmed, the garment is taken apart and finished completely by hand, stitch by stitch.

Construction of your garment unfolds over 6-8 weeks. Suits start at $4,000 and shirts from $680 (prices ex. GST)


I - Book a Fitting

You may book a consultation that generally takes no more than 30 minutes or jump straight into a 1-hour fitting.

We will learn about your personality, style, vision and together create your next garment or entire wardrobe.

II - Measure and Design

Our fittings comprise of a measuring process, posture nuances recording, cloth selection and designing.

We take images of your body from 4 sides, allowing us to go back and examine your posture with precise detail.

If you’re looking for design and style guidance, we will be delighted to lend our experience and help steer you through the process.

III - Final Fitting

Once your order arrives, you’ll be notified by one of our staff to schedule a date/time to arrange the second fitting. After assessing the fit, we will mark the garment for alterations and have them adjusted in house.

All adjustments are noted in our system, so your next order already has the changes made to your pattern. If your order doesn’t need any work, we will pack the garments ready for you to take home.

Reordering is as simple as popping in and selecting a new cloth.