The Style of Michael Jordan: A Sartorial Slam Dunk

When one thinks of Michael Jordan, they think of GOAT status; the Chicago Bulls championship-winning dynasty; the temperament of a champion; Air Jordan and the billions of dollars in revenue it has generated; of the cult classic movie, Space Jam, and; of smoking cigars on the golf course. What th...

Porsche 904 aka Carrera GTS –
Long live the original street racer

Unrivalled till this day, the Porsche 904 also known as the Carrera GTS is arguably one of the most beautifully designed race cars of all time - in our opinion of course. To not confuse you, the duel name is attributed to Peugeot's marketing and branding team...let me explain. The history of the ...

The reinvention of a classic –
Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date

Look closely and you will see the distinct variant the Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date physically displays, not to be mistaken for its famously know older brother, the Rolex Day-Date. The Oysterquartz’s journey is a long one, formally commencing post second world war in 1952 and ending 2001. During t...

Artisans, tailors and the rest –
The bespoke and made-to-measure distinction

The first article to be published in our blog had to be about our lifeblood and passion. The true separation of bespoke tailoring from made-to-measure, is the difference between sartorial artisanship and the birth of the manufacturing industrial complex. So, we dive straight into murky waters and...