Bespoke Management System

A unique platform that is not only an ordering system, but a management network. Built by tailors for tailors. The BMS™ is a cloud based online application platform designed and built exclusively for Sartoria Zimma.

It's purpose is to communicate your needs with us – the factory. You can be as intricate with providing specifications as you like, we encourage our partners to be as detailed and meticulous when providing data for orders.

We want your customers to be so excited and satisfied, that they become your ambassadors. The BMS™ Application will help you

  • Build customer profile
  • Make and send orders
  • Invoice your customer
  • Make credit card payment (PAYG)
  • Detailed order tracking process
  • Make alteration notes to pattern
  • Simple reorder process
  • Click to send customer order arrival
  • Data analytics 

Simple to use The BMS™ platform is given to all our partners as a tool to manage their business and communicate orders with precision and efficiency. Our focus is to help you grow your business by removing the tedious aspects of the bespoke process. This will enable growth and the delivery of accurate and well fitting garments.