With the exact same pattern ethos and methodology as our full hand and half hand bespoke, the full machine option inherits the bespoke pattern laws with the work of specialised machines. Closing and sewing the whole garment together with the same intricacies, the pattern is still cut by hand from the bench.

Constructed at our SARTORIA ZIMMA facility, there are more than 50 skilled workers with an average of 14 years experience, working in unison to finish each garment without compromise. With each part of the pattern being finished by a specialised craftsman, not only is the work consistent but absolutely precise.

Our machine made service is a brilliant means of entry into the world of hand made bespoke. It allows you to learn all about how a pattern is developed, as well as understanding your body’s subtle variations.

The machine made service is also a great option for the working suit, allowing for a full wardrobe without the price tag. Not to mention the wedding entourage, the most popular option for the machine made process. Matching not only aesthetically but also more importantly, each groomsman will be fitted with balance.

Both the connoisseur and the emerging enthusiast can appreciate the machine made service. The delivery time is swift, leaving approximately 3 weeks for a finished garment.

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