Crafted entirely by hand, this service is the absolute pinnacle of the Zimma Tailors experience – completely cut from the bench free of any machine assistance.

After taking your measurements, a draft of your individual pattern is made allowing all your bodily nuances and posture to be incorporated. The drawn pattern is the flat lay of your body with all the allowances and considerations ready to be chalked onto cloth.

Once the cloth is cut, the pattern is sewn together using frangible cotton. This process is called basting. The purpose allows for the first fit to become an unscathed test. No button holes are cut, no pockets are cut and allowance of cloth is left in case adjustment is needed.

Zimma Tailors full hand bespoke service is constructed using a full length of horsehair canvas, rigorously manipulated by hand using water and steam to curve the shoulders and chest. Contouring to your body with effortless aplomb whilst never hampering freedom of movement, our full hand Bespoke is sewn together with over 1,000 stitches, taking into account the cloth construction and weight. All edges are closed by hand with refined pick stitching method and all buttonholes are sewn with fine silk thread. Our workmanship and technique is unblemished.

Construction of your garment unfolds over several weeks with approximately 60 hours of handwork. Generally 2 weeks are taken to draft, cut and baste the pattern. After the baste fitting the garment is put together taking about 4 weeks. We generally allow for 6 weeks to finish a full hand made Bespoke suit.

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